Thursday, October 17, 2019

Week 9: Twitter; Sharing Your Thoughts in 140 Words or Less

                           While playing around with Twitter, I've found that this platform is unfit for my business. I was unable to find very many users that my business could benefit from while searching key words such as "lowriders", "classic cars", or "chicano". All key words used very often in content that fits my target market, therefore with no accounts that could relate to my business; no lists were made due to a shortage of prospects.
                           Brands like Traffic Jammer can thrive better through visual platforms, we are better off on platforms like Instagram or even Facebook to appeal to some of our older demographic. Our target market doesn't usually have Twitter accounts when you look at the psycho-graphics of it all, they're people who don't do complicated and people that would rather have an image to go off of rather than a few words. Twitter is a platform for conversation and news rather than conducting business.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Week Eight Get Visual Part Two

              For my business I feel visual media will do it good because clothing is something people have to see. Customers want to see it on models and they want to be able to look at it and imagine how it'll look on them. Clothing brands do best when they have visual media because that's how you attract customers and there are many brands that have grown tremendously thanks to visual media.
            Clothing brands like Bella Dona, with 252 thousand followers on Instagram shows how visual media has helped their business grow from just selling t-shirts to now having several different branches and an upcoming makeup line. They post nearly several times a day and their last post was posted 3 hours ago as i'm typing this. With the average number of likes being 2-4 thousand likes for pictures that include their merchandise, slogans with pastel colored backgrounds and events they will be attending. Their videos posted on Instagram  are what get the most likes with 10-18 thousand likes, I feel they get more likes with videos because it shows a deeper glimpse of what their brand does and it's something many feel they can relate to. Their likes don't compare to the amount of followers they have,their comments are an average of 10-100, and no hashtags are used in any of their posts.

             Another clothing brand that has grown form visual media is a brand many people know which is Supreme, with a whopping 13.3 million followers on Instagram. With each post getting an average of 100-30 thousand likes their use of visual media has grown their business as well. They post at least once or twice every day or couple days, not overloading their followers' feed with posts and I feel that kind of timing creates anticipation and more desire among their customers. Their last post was posted three days ago and compared to the number of followers they have the amount of  likes on their posts is little. When you have 13 million followers you think you'd get more than a million likes, they also receive comments that are far less than the amount of likes they get and they hardly use any hashtags at all.

            The next clothing brand that benefits from visual media is Agave Girl Boutique, who has 47.4 thousand followers on Instagram. Their average likes range from 3-5 hundred likes and they hit more than a thousand likes when they post their latest styles of huaraches or colorful floral Mexican shirts. Their last post was posted three hours ago and they post at least once or twice every one or two days; they are so far the only business that uses some hashtags like #agavegirlboutique,#huaraches, #agavegirl, or #artesinasmexicanas. Instagram has seem to work for this brand because there are easy links to their website and you can get their email and other contact information all in one space.

           Srvntz is another clothing brand on Instagram with 43.4 thousand followers and their latest post was posted three hours ago. Their likes average about 5-9 hundred likes on an average post and videos get about 1-4 thousand likes. Their hashtags mainly consist of their own brand name #SRVNTZ and there is a link to their website for easy shopping. They receive 1-20 comments at a time and it is obvious their engagement is so little compared to the number of followers they have. Their posts are easy on the eyes and provide a glimpse of real life in LA, showcasing the people and their culture as well as their religious beliefs.

         Lastly there is Xipi.Teca, another clothing brand with 17.8 thousand followers on Instagram. Their average number of likes ranges from 300-1,000 likes and their comments range from 5-30 on their average posts. They provide links and contact info in their bio, great aesthetics and Instagram has proven effective for their brand.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Week Eight Get Visual Part One

                     When comparing social media platforms, it can be easy to see from your own personal experiences which has the most use. Personally, I feel Instagram is perfect for the use of tangible goods as well advertising your services to the public. According to ( while Facebook has larger numbers of usage, Instagram's stats are far more impressive in terms of engagement. In their engagement studies they've calculated that Instagram's median engagement rates 1.60% compared to Facebook's 0.09% median engagement rate. Although most small businesses use Facebook to start getting the word of their business out to the public many are switching over to Instagram and staying on Instagram.

                    As for YouTube, they assume dominance on the web as the largest video streaming site as well as the second largest social media site after Facebook ( Businesses can benefit from YouTube by using it as a tool to demonstrate their product or give more information about their services. This gives customers a visual about what they are getting when buying a product or service. For example, I've watched Suavecito Pomade grow as a company ever since I first heard about their product; from a small pomade business that was still in the underground they are now sold in almost every barber shop. As you look through their YouTube ( they post videos about how to use their products, what events they will be attending as well as fun to watch promotional videos. This is a great example of how utilizing YouTube as a way to market your products or services can grow your business.

                  Lastly, we have Snapchat; which is a great tool, but not every business can thrive through Snapchat alone ( I feel Snapchat is geared more towards personal use to instantly message, share pictures and videos to your close friends and family. Personally, I wouldn't use it for business because I feel it doesn't have the same effect as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube; I say this because you have to interact with your Snapchat "friends" on a more personal level and that can be time consuming. It is also geared towards a younger demographic (ages 12-24 being the average) so if your product isn't intended for a younger audience it is better to use other social media platforms (

            Overall, Instagram has my full attention when it comes to marketing my own business. in the future I don't plan on limiting myself to Instagram alone but it is the one I choose to start off with. It is my personal favorite because it is easy to navigate and I am able to get my point across. I don't have to spend a long time looking for a button to help me post content or basically go through a background check while trying to create a simple profile like I have to when using Facebook.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Week Seven Engaging Your Customers Blog Post Number One

                         This week after looking at everyone's business pages, I chose to like Leather and Lilacs, Scalawag's Barbershop Social Club, Shade Apparel, Clipper Junkies Barbershop,Katharyn's Kollections, Money Mailer of Encinitas- La Jolla, and Silver of Taxco. I chose these pages because I feel we can all benefit off each other.
                       Traffic Jammer is an apparel company who's target market are families in the lowrider scene and a third of our target market are men. I feel Traffic Jammer could benefit off of barber shops like Sacalawag's Barbershop Social Club and Clipper Junkies because their target markets are mainly only men. Therefore we can gain customers through their establishments and they can gain more clientele through our clothing brand.
                       For clothing/jewelry brands like Silver of Taxco, Leather and Lilacs, Shade Apparel, and Katharyn's Kollections, by liking their pages our brand can also pop up in the suggested accounts box. We can gain customers by being connected to these accounts and vice versa, being in the same category we can all be seen just by liking each other's posts. By sharing their posts and getting their pages to share mine we can all gain potential customers.
                       Lastly, we have Money Mailer of Encinitas- La Jolla which is a marketing and advertising company. I feel Traffic Jammer can benefit from this company just as any other company would, they would help us advertise our company and we'd like, share, and promote their company.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Week Six Post Reach and Post Engagement

                  Post reach is the amount of people who actually saw your post, but post engagement holds a heavier meaning in terms of how many people took action because of your post. There are three different kinds of reach, organic, viral and paid according to Commercial Web Services ( Organic reach being the number of times users saw your page without it being promoted in their news feed, viral reach is when users see your post because other users like, comment, or share that piece of content. Lastly, we have paid reach where users pay to have their page promoted and the more money you pay the more it will be seen. I feel paid reach is more common in larger companies whereas smaller businesses rely on organic and viral reach to get their pages seen. Viral reach has become the internet's word of mouth; now that people are spending more time on the internet they share the post rather than speaking to each other in person about what they saw
                 Post reach is only the tip of the iceberg because you can make two decisions after seeing a post, you can do nothing or engage in what you saw. Having a high reach doesn't always result in high post engagement; engaging in a post means liking a post, clicking on a link or sharing the content with others. People will look at your page but not many are willing to go any further than a glance, what you post and when can largely effect your numbers. While reading  "9 Reasons Why Your Facebook Post Engagement is Low", )
 timing can affect who sees your content. In the article they talk about how you can most effectively reach your target audience by timing when they are the most active.  From personal experience I noticed when I post too late at night or too early in the morning, I get the least amount of likes because most of my followers are active between 12-2pm. Posting too much or too little can also affect post engagement because if you post too little nobody will see any of your posts, posting too much will result in your followers will feel overwhelmed and simply scrolling past your posts in their feed.

                 Facebook Insights can help businesses better serve their customers by providing demographics used to find a target market. Allowing a business view the age, gender, relationships status, and lifestyle can help to narrow down who their audience is. For those who have more women followers who are between the ages of 18- 25 and who love cats can use that information to then create posts that appeal to women who fit that description. The more their post appeals to their followers, engagement is created and then the business grows through viral reach. With Facebook Insights businesses can also track when and how often their target audience log onto Facebook so they can better time their posts. Insights is a tool to better help businesses track data that will give them the opportunity to maximize their reach and engagement. Having this feature on my own social media account has opened my eyes to how my account impacts others. It creates this bit of anxiety in me because you will notice when your account has low impact on your followers; it creates a learning experience  and makes you ask yourself "how can I be better?". This is the mindset that entrepreneurs, both beginning and experienced have; the question of how you can do better, what can be better will always be asked and Facebook Insights makes that question a little easier to answer.             

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Week Five Part Two

                      The business I'd like to promote is a clothing brand called Traffic Jammer Apparel, a brand my fiance and I are working to start soon. This is a brand with our target market being anyone and everyone in the lowrider community, we live and breathe lowriding and we want to make our mark in a community that we grew up in. From children to the long time lowriders we have something for everybody and we want to deliver the best quality products at the best price..

                      My target market are usually middle class, blue collar people; our clothing brand's price ranges from $25-35 so it is something we all can afford. It doesn't mater who you are everyone loves convenience, we plan on selling our clothing at car shows and swapmeets because that's where our target market is. Car shows will be the places we must sell at because that is where we will make the most business when we start up. After starting our Instagram account and eventually a website for online shopping so getting our products will be a breeze. Our target market isn't a complicated bunch of people, we are families, we value our unity and pride in our culture and we want to represent these values with our clothing line


Week Five Part One

                     After browsing the Armstrong Garden Centers and Myrtle Creek websites I found many things that I liked about both and many things they can learn off each other. I would like to start off with what I liked about the Armstrong Garden Centers is how colorful, interactive and well organized it is. I think it's perfect design to put the adds and new arrivals center stage, that way customers know whats new and what is on sale which will make customers want to buy their products. The website is bright, modern and fresh. The way they organized the lawn and garden tips, DIYs and job opportunities, with eye catching pictures and clear legible text are straightforward and engaging. At the top there are lists with their products, stores and store hours, classes, events and garden advice; overall I feel this is a well put together website with very few unmet needs.
                   The target market for the Armstrong Garden Centers range from men and women in their mid 20s to their late 60s. Usually targeting homeowners because gardening usually starts in the home, since they offer landscaping lay outs and advice for those looking to spruce up their homes.

                   The Myrtle Creek website is cute and rustic, it gives us that family owned, hidden in the hills kind of vibes. It is well organized and has everything you need to know right at the top; their location and store hours right at the top clear for you to see. Their website is more relaxed and isn't so in your face compared to Armstrong Gardens website, at the bottom is a great list of all their social media sites which is one thing they have that Armstrong Gardens website doesn't. While Myrtle Creeks website is well organized and is pleasant to look at there is an unmet need present in one of its categories, there is a section called Cafe Bloom and when you click on it there are few pictures of the food they serve but no further information such as operating hours or their menu.

                Their target market is families, this farm style nursery has something for everyone with family events, a cafe, and gardening tips for gardeners and garden enthusiasts.Overall Armstrong Garden Centers is geared more towards home improvement and homeowners, it is a larger company with multiple stores across the state. Myrtle Creek is geared towards families it offers more than just plants and plant products compared to Armstrong Garden Centers; it is more of a place families go to enjoy the day.